What is a chain hoist?

Chain hoist is kind of light and small lifting equipment. It is composed of three parts, electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. The hoist body adopts high strength tensile shell or die-casting aluminum case. AIMIX, a famous electric hoist supplier, provides electrical chain hoists with factory price and top quality. All our electrical hoists are carefully checked before delivery.

Electric Hoist System

The structure of chain lifting hoist

The volume is small, the weight is light, and the strength is high. Standard electric chain hoist has individual transmission system. Powder metallurgy clutch is equipped with overload protection device. The brake adopts disc direct current magnetic field. The torque is powerful, stable, fast and low noise. With little transform, it can be used as winch.
Application of chain hoists

Electric chain hoist has excellent properties, compact structure, small size, light weight, reliable performance, and wide application. It can be installed on I-beam steel, curve rail, jib crane, overhead crane and gantry crane for lifting, loading, unloading material. It is widely used in factory, mine, warehouse, workshop etc. Chain electric hoist is necessary lifting equipment for raising working efficiency and improving working condition.

Tips of electric hoist safe operation

1. No people stands under the item when operating lifting hoist.
2. Overload is not permitted.
3. Grounding device is connected well.
4. Don’t hang scaffold on the hoist in suspension for long. After lifting, tighten the scaffold on the wall timely.
5. When chain abrasion is serious, change the chain in time. And avoid serious rust.
6. The hook should not touch the hoist body.
7. Rain-proof or damp-proof device is necessary if using outdoor.
8. Not drag or lift in slide way.

Features of electric chain hoist

1. Reliable performance, safe protection, wide application
2. Compact structure, light weight, small size
3. Low noise, stable moving, fast speed
4. Advanced technology, perfect service
5. Better security, great properties
6. High work efficiency, low failure rate
7. Easy operation, fast installation, simple maintenance

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