Safe Operation Rules Of Explosion-proof Electric Hoist

Explosion proof electric hoist is different from other common hoists. It is widely used in explosive and inflammable environment, such petroleum, petrifaction, gas station, oil depot, gas extraction, chemical engineering, military, power, mine, electronics and railway.

Our explosion-proof hoist will not produce mechanical spark when it works normally and hoist parts impact each other. This can avoid fire accident and ensure state property and personal safety.

Operate the hoist according to safety operation rules strictly. Explosion-proof hoist operation rules are set by national committee on standardization of lifting machinery. It can help avoid heavy loss by using tools incorrectly and can ensure the terminal user’s safety.

1.Check hoist carefully before the hoist lift material.
2.Every part is in good condition. The lubrication of transmission and chain is good. And no-load running is normal.
3.Explosion-proof is not permitted to lift material with hook tip.
4.The chain is not twisted and knocked.
5.Before operating the hoist, just carry lifting-test first. When the material is off the ground, the running and brake are both reliable, then start the operation.
6.While operating, the operator can’t stand on the material. When the material is off the ground, the operator can’t leave.

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