How to use a chain hoist

Electric chain hoist is widely used for lifting material, installing equipment, mine and construction building. It is cost-effective, highly safe. It has many advantages as compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency and small size. AIMIX Group, a professional electrical hoist supplier, produces high quality chain electric hoists with factory price. Our lifting hoists have won high praise at home and abroad.

As we know, chain hoist is kind of lifting machine, safe operation is important during lifting work, so it is very vital to know how to use it safely. The followings are details about safe operation tips.

Electric Hoist Safe Operation

The preparation before working

1. Before operating the item, the operator must receive professional training and pass the assessment.
2. Before using the hoist, do the check carefully, such as the hook, hanging point installation, anti-stripping film, link, flashlight door and other devices. After making sure all those devices are good, operator can use the hoist.

Start up and operate

1. Plug is the power supply, connect the control power.
2. Take trial operation before lifting weight.

Precautions during operation

1. Lifting weight can’t exceed the weight of prescribed weight of hoist.
2. People is forbidden to stand or walk under the hoist during operation.
3. No overload
4. No oil pollution on the brake band
5. The item in lifting condition should be equipped with safety protection device. Any part of the body is strictly prohibited under the lifting weight.
6. The lifting chain should hang and use in straight. Double chains can’t be twisted. With serious rust, the chain can’t be used any more.
7. Obey the rules of safety operation. Not lifting flammable, explosive, corrosive material with common chain hoist, except hoists with special-purpose, such as metallurgic, explosion-proof, insulated hoists.
8. During lifting, the hook can’t touch the hoist body.

Stop operation

1. After lifting, the stirring motor should not be hung for long, it should be placed on the support frame.
2. Once stop, pull off the power plug.
Daily maintenance work for chain hoist
Regular check is very important, it can help find whether hoist parts have problems, such as link open welding, deformation. Once find the problem, report and resolve timely.

Safety operation tips

1. When lifting, no people is admitted to stand around or under the lifting material, to avoid personal injury caused by weight loss.
2. The machine should be properly kept, never place it here and there. Prevent it from knock, moisture and rust. Once there is crack on the hoist body, never use any more.
3. The hoist body should be well earth grounding to prevent electric shock.
4. If the sound is strange, speed becomes fast, machine is out of control, stop using item immediately.
5. When the working temperature is below -10℃, limited load can’t be over 50% of rated load.
6. Supply voltage can’t be lower than 90% of rated voltage.

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