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In different working conditions,  electric hoists with different tons are needed. For light duty electric hoist, 5ookg hoist, 1000kg hoist, 1 ton hoist, 3 ton hoist are good! For heavy duty electrical hoist, 10 ton hoist, 15 ton hoist, 20 ton hoist, 30 ton hoist are better for the lifting work. All above hoists with tons can be customized by our company. As a professional electric hoist manufacturer, our company provides reasonable design according to customers’ requirement. In generall, electric hoists with small tons are cheaper than those with big tons. With bigger lifting capacity, heavy duty hoist has more complex safety protection devices.

Best AQ-YH Metallurgic Hoist for Sale

Electric Hoist 1000kg

Electric hoist 1000kg is small and light weight lifting equipment. It is frequently used for lifting materials and goods in processing line, factories, warehouse, and workshop. With small volume and ...
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500kg AQ-CD Electric Hoist

500kg Electric Hoist

500kg electric hoist is kind of light duty lifting hoist. It has small size and light weight, which makes it move very fast and improve working efficiency. Travelling electric hoist ...
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30t Reliable Chain Hoist

30 Ton Chain Hoist

30 ton chain hoist is mainly used for lifting heavy materials in port, warehouse, factory, building construction etc. It can be used together with bridge crane, gantry crane and trolley ...
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20t Electric Chain Hoist

20 Ton Chain Electric Hoist

20 ton chain electric hoist is kind of heavy duty lifting hoist. It is widely used for lighting, loading, unloading heavy materials in warehouse, factory, logistics, building etc. Users can operate ...
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AQ-ND Europe Electric Hoist

10 Ton Electric Hoist

10 ton electric hoist is kind of heavy duty electric hoist. It is widely used for lifting heavy goods in factory, workshop, stock yards etc. AIMIX Group, a famous electrical ...
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AQ-MD Wire Rope Hoist

5 Ton Electric Hoist

5 ton electric hoist is kind of light type lifting equipment. It can be used together with single girder overhead crane, double girder bridge crane, semi-gantry crane, and single or ...
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3t AQ-ND Electric Hoist

3 Ton Electric Hoist

3 ton electric hoist is widely used for lifting material in warehouse, factory, and construction site. It can be used alone on the fixed point or used together with overhead ...
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2t Small Chain Hoist

2 Ton Electric Hoist

2 ton electric hoist is kind of lifting equipment with the combination of lifting and travelling. It is widely used for loading and unloading materials in different places, such as ...
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AQ-CD Electric Hoist

1 Ton Electric Hoist

1 ton electric hoist is kind of small lifting equipment. It is composed of motor, driving gear and sprocket. 1 ton hoist is widely used in factory, port, mine, warehouse, ...
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