40 Ton Electric Hoist

40 ton electric hoist is kind of heavy lifting hoist. It has powerful lifting capacity, high efficiency, reliable safety protection devices! This types of hoist is widely applied for loading and transporting goods in construction site, industrial and mining enterprise, machinery processing, railway engineering, manufacturing enterprise, the warehouse, logistics factory. AIMIX Group, a reliable hoist supplier, provides various hoists with top quality and factory price, such as motor hoist, electrical engine hoist, explosion-proof hoist. With good performance and perfect after-sale service, our hoists have been exported to many countries and won high praise.

Reliable 40 Ton Electric Hoist For Sale
Reliable 40 Ton Electric Hoist For Sale
Lifting Capacity: 40t
Lifting Height: 6-18m
Lifting Speed: 0.66/4—1.6/10m/min
Working Class: M3,M4
Travelling Speed: 2-20m/min
Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃

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How to buy cost-effective 40 ton electric hoist?

Lifting height is the first factor that customers care. Electric hoist itself is a lifting tool, thus the lifting height is a key parameter. Some lifting heights are available in the market, such as 12m, 18m, 24, 30m. Some hoists with low lifting height also have wide application, such as 6m and 9m.

For the electric hoist, the motor power and voltage are quite important parts and performance. Under different conditions, the motor power and voltage are different. Thus customers should consider the practical condition and choose the suitable types according to specific needs. Buying hoists that meet the standards of field operating environment, this can improve efficiency.

Low price is not first choice! Make careful comparison. For example, the hoist speed has two types, single speed and double speed. Thus the lifting speed is another important parameter. Different fields have various speed requirements. Under general condition, electric hoist withy single speed can perform well.

It is useful to learn above information, it can help customers make clear image and do the right choice. High quality equipment must have spent much cost, it raw material and all components are closely related to the price. So be sure to buying skills, get great deal for excellent hoist!

2 ton electric hoist vs 40 ton electric hoist

2 ton electric hoist belongs to light duty hoist. It is a kind of small lifting hoist. This tiny hoist can service light and frequent lifting wok well. 40 ton electric hoist belongs to heavy duty hoist. It is a kind of large lifting hoist, which is great for heavy lifting work.

Compared with large hoist, small hoists like 3 ton hoist, 5 ton hoist are cheaper. With affordable price, reliable performance and simple system, light lifting hoist is widely used for material handling factory, warehouse, shop and storage yard.

For large lifting hoists, such as 30 tonne chain hoist, 50 tons electric hoist, they can lift heavier loading tons. They are equipped with safety protection devices, such as over-speed protection device, position-limit device, buffers and anti-rain covers.

AIMIX Group, a professional crane hoist manufacturer in China, provides best light duty hoist and heavy duty hoist for sale. Both of two type electric hoists have great performance! They can save much energy, time and manual labor, and increase efficiency and improve working condition.
Best quality 40 Tons Hoists For Sale

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How to save electric hoist price?

Every customer wants to get a qualified electric hoist with affordable price. Quality and price are main factors those influence the purchase. Where to find a professional manufacturer? How to choose suitable electric hoist? How to save extra expense for hoist purchase? If you choose our hoist, all can become easy.

Our company has its own strong factory. There are not other medium factories between customers and hoist manufacturer. This can help customers save much cost. As we know, hoist repair and maintenance need more expense. If the hoist is not durable, purchasing new electric hoist needs more money. Our hoist has top quality, it needs few repair and maintenance, which can save much expense. Our company produces electric hoists based on national safety standards. The hoist has long service term, and customers doesn’t need to replace electric hoists frequently.

40t electric hoist for sale

1. Compact structure, convenient use
2. Strong material, long service life
3. Small size, simple operation
4. Various types, wide application
5. Reliable hoist producer, professional skills

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