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According to practical working needs, different types of electric hoists are chosen. Ellsen Company, a famous lifting hoists supplier, provides kinds of electrical hoists with many advantages. For outdoor electric hoist, it has anti-rain cover; for electric motor hoist, it has powerful driving motor force; for electric engine hoist, it has reasonable design and compact structure; for electric rope hoist, it has wide application and durable wire; for electric pulley hoist, it can move stable with little noise; for electric lifting hoist, it can lift, load, unload material in different places; for electric monorail hoist, it can be used together with single overhead crane, single gantry crane and single beam; for electric cable hoist, it has different lifting capacities to meet customers’ needs; for electric chain hoist, it has electric type and manual type; for cheap electric hoist, it can save much cost; for low headroom electric hoist, it is suitable for factory not strict for height; for I beam chain hoist, it is portable and flexible; for overhead chain hoist, it has light duty hoist and heavy duty hoist to meet different working condition. Electrical hoists are perfect lifting solution for transporting, loading and unloading material. Compared with cranes, mechanical hoists have lighter weight and easier to carry with and move. Different kinds of lifting electrical hoists can adapt different working class. Ellsen electrical hoists for sale have high quality and factory price to meet customers’ practical needs.

Ellsen Chain Manual Hoist for Sale

Overhead Chain Hoist

Overhead chain hoist is used with overhead crane together, single girder crane, double girder crane. Electric hoist is widely used for loading, unloading materials in factory, workshop, and warehouse. Easy ...
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HB Electric Explosion Proof Hoist

Outdoor Electric Hoist

Outdoor electric hoist, just as its name implies, electrical hoist is used outdoor. The outdoor working condition is complex and changeable, the item can be damaged, thus compared with common ...
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ND Europe Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Motor Hoist

Electric motor hoist is kind of optimal and small lifting tool, it can be widely used in factory, warehouse, workshop for lifting material, fit up of construction, digging well, so ...
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Ellsen Best Low Headroom Hoist

Low Headroom Electric Hoist

Low headroom electric hoist is widely used in mechanical processing, assembly, warehouse, especially workshop sites with restricted height. Ellsen Company, a professional electric hoist manufacturer, designs and produces high quality ...
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Ellsen CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Sale

I Beam Chain Hoist

I beam chain hoist is kind of small and light duty lifting equipment. It is widely used for loading and unloading material in factory, warehouse, processing line. It moves fast ...
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YH Metallurgic Hoist from Ellsen

Electric Rope Hoist

Electric rope hoist mainly refers to electric wire rope hoist. It is widely used for lifting, moving, loading and loading material. It is also applied to building construction enterprise, bridge ...
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HC Electric Pulley Hoist

Electric Pulley Hoist

Electric pulley hoist is kind of lifting equipment, it can be mounted on single beam, bridge crane, gantry crane and jib crane. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, cargo ...
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CD Electric Hoist for Sale

Electric Monorail Hoist

Electric monorail hoist is widely used on single girder overhead crane, jib crane, single girder gantry crane, and curve track. It is applied to lift materials in factory, warehouse, mines, ...
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Ellsen HC Lifting Hoist for Sale

Electric Lifting Hoist

Electric lifting hoist is widely used in lifting heavy weights or installed on a single beam crane, linear, curve track. It can also be used to the hoist double beam, ...
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MD Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Engine Hoist

Electric engine hoist is kind of small and light lifting equipment. Engine electric hoist has advantages of small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. It is widely used ...
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Ellsen Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist is one kind of light and small lifting equipment. It mainly consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. It can be used individually, and can also ...
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Europe NDS Electric Hoist

Electric Cable Hoist

Electric cable hoist is kind of lifting tool. It has advantages as compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient use, and simple operation. Electric cable hoists are widely used for ...
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By Tons

In different working conditions, electric hoists with different tons are needed. For light duty electric hoist, 5ookg hoist, 1000kg hoist, 1 ton hoist, 3 ton hoist are good! For heavy duty electrical hoist, 10 ton hoist, 15 ton hoist, 20 ton hoist, 30 ton hoist are better for the lifting work. All above hoists with tons can be customized by Ellsen. As a professional electric hoist manufacturer, Ellsen provides reasonable design according to customers’ requirement. In generall, electric hoists with small tons are cheaper than those with big tons. With bigger lifting capacity, heavy duty hoist has more complex safety protection devices. Light and small hoist is suitable for frequent work, such as producing line. Heavy duty lifting hoist is better choice for difficult lifting job! Ellsen engine hoists with different tons are cost-effective with perfect performance and good appearance! They can be used together with I-beam steel, single girder crane, double girder crane, overhead crane, gantry crane and curve track, which makes the lifting work easier and more convenient!

Best YH Metallurgic Hoist for Sale

Electric Hoist 1000kg

Electric hoist 1000kg is small and light weight lifting equipment. It is frequently used for lifting materials and goods in processing line, factories, warehouse, and workshop. With small volume and ...
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500kg CD Electric Hoist

500kg Electric Hoist

500kg electric hoist is kind of light duty lifting hoist. It has small size and light weight, which makes it move very fast and improve working efficiency. Travelling electric hoist ...
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30t Ellsen Chain Hoist

30 Ton Chain Hoist

30 ton chain hoist is mainly used for lifting heavy materials in port, warehouse, factory, building construction etc. It can be used together with bridge crane, gantry crane and trolley ...
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20t Electric Chain Hoist

20 Ton Chain Electric Hoist

20 ton chain electric hoist is kind of heavy duty electric hoist. It is widely used for lighting, loading, unloading heavy materials in warehouse, factory, logistics, building etc. Users can ...
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ND Europe Electric Hoist

10 Ton Electric Hoist

10 ton electric hoist is kind of heavy duty electric hoist. It is widely used for lifting heavy goods in factory, workshop, stock yards etc. Ellsen Company, a famous electrical ...
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Ellsen MD Wire Rope Hoist

5 Ton Electric Hoist

5 ton electric hoist is kind of light type lifting equipment. It can be used together with single girder overhead crane, double girder bridge crane, semi-gantry crane, and single or ...
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3t ND Electric Hoist

3 Ton Electric Hoist

3 ton electric hoist is widely used for lifting material in warehouse, factory, and construction site. It can be used alone on the fixed point or used together with overhead ...
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2t Ellsen Chain Hoist

2 Ton Electric Hoist

2 ton electric hoist is kind of lifting equipment with the combination of lifting and travelling. It is widely used for loading and unloading materials in different places, such as ...
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CD1 Electric Hoist

1 Ton Electric Hoist

1 ton electric hoist is kind of small lifting equipment. It is composed of motor, driving gear and sprocket. 1 ton hoist is widely used in factory, port, mine, warehouse, ...
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By Capacity

According to capacity, Ellsen electric hoists are mainly devided into two types: light duty electric hoist and heavy duty elelctric hoist. Any kind of lifting hoist has its own advantages. For example, light duty hoist has small volume, smal size, light weight and compact structure, thus it is more flexible and can move faster to improve working efficiecny. Small hoist is frequently used for lifting light material in processing line or factory. For heavy duty hoist, it can lift or transport heavier goods than small electric hoist. It moves stable with little noise. It has reliable performance, safety protection devices. Ellsen provides customized services to meet clients’ needs, any capacities are avaliable.

Low Headroom Electric Engine Hoist

Small Electric Hoist

Small electric hoist mainly refers to electrical hoists with small size and small loading capacity, such as 1 ton hoist, 2 ton hoist, 3 ton electric hoist or 500kg electric ...
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Top Electric Low Headroom Hoist

Light Duty Electric Hoist

Light duty electric hoist, also called lightweight electric hoist, is a small-size lifting equipment. It can be installed on the single girder crane, single beam gantry crane and jib cranes ...
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Ellsen ND Wire Rope Hoist

Heavy Duty Electric Hoist

Heavy duty electric hoist is widely used for lifting heavy materials in factory, mine, storage. Compared with light duty electric hoist, it has larger working capacity. Ellsen Company, a professional ...
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